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James x Neville [entries|friends|calendar]
James Potter and Neville Longbottom Slash Comm

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Harry Potter Prompts! [ Tuesday
21 September 2010 10:41pm



Do you have a million and one ideas for fic but don't have the inspiration to write them? Want to write but can't think of anything? Love really Harry Potter fic? If so, then harryp_prompts 
is the place for you!
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Looking For A Maintainer [ Saturday
24 May 2008 11:52pm


[ mood | exhausted ]

Hi everyone :)

I'm looking for a lovely person to take over maintainership of this community. Unfortunately, many other things are taking up my online time, mainly the running on my website Torchwood Australia, so I'm not giving it the attention it deserves.

If you're interested, please leave a comment on this entry.

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Off LJ Communities [ Sunday
26 August 2007 10:54am


[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi there everyone :)

As you may have seen we now have a Greatestjournal variant of this community. I've been a busy mod and making the Insanejournal, Blurty and Deadjournal versions as well.

I would have made it over at Journalfen, but they're closed to new users at the moment. If anyone has a paid Journalfen account, I would love it if you could help me by requesting that I can make an account.

If you have any of the above journals as well as a Livejournal, I'd love to see you over at the other community :)

Greatestjournal: http://jamesxneville.greatestjournal.com
Insanejournal: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/jamesxneville/
Blurty: http://www.blurty.com/community/jamesxneville/
Deadjournal: Coming soon

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Drabble: Giving Love [ Tuesday
21 August 2007 4:46pm


Title: Giving Love
Author: order_of_chaos
Rating: PG
Pairing: Implied Neville/James Jr

He gives the professor love...
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Greatestjournal [ Wednesday
08 August 2007 10:19pm


[ mood | amused ]

Hello all! :) Just letting you know I've made the GJ variant of this community if anyone is interested in joining.

Click me!

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Affliate Shout Out [ Monday
06 August 2007 12:49pm


[ mood | cheerful ]

Because not much is happening at the moment (T__T), I thought I'd do a shout out to all the lovely communities that have affiliated with us.

Next Gen Comms:

Pairing Comms:

General Comms:

Go join them all. Now! -waves wand in face all fake-threatening-like-

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Makes Me Giggle [ Saturday
04 August 2007 4:06pm


[ mood | chipper ]

I found this picture at emmawatsonofficial.comCollapse )

And I thought it was hilarious.

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LJ Strikethrough Update [ Saturday
04 August 2007 2:57pm


[ mood | contemplative ]

Hi all. This is off topic, but relates to Harry Potter fandoms in a whole. You may have already read a similar post over at the_ass_ship.

The fantastic artist ponderosa121 has been banned from LJ due to a Harry/Snape fanart she posted recently.

This has prompted twocorpses and a few others to start discussions about creating an alternate journal site to Livejournal, that they hope will be just as (if not more) popular, that will allow users freedom of speech.

So we prompt you all to jump on board over at fandom_flies and contribute.

twocorpses has also set up Scribblit which is currently in BETA testing.

You can let twocorpses know of your interest by leaving her a comment at this post.

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Art help! [ Thursday
02 August 2007 9:19pm


[ mood | calm ]

Ok, so everyone agreed that Lucas Grabeel makes a sexy James in this thread here.

Now... I was going to try and make a photomanip, but after a couple of tries I have deduced that I have no artistic ability whatsoever.

So I was hoping some lovely talented person would make us a pretty banner for the top of the page with Older!Neville and Lucas!James. Pretty please? =D

If you do... I'll... give you a cookie T___T

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A newspaper just for us! [ Tuesday
31 July 2007 4:04pm


The Potterwatch Prophet ( pw_prophet) is now accepting news items for our first publication.  It is the first Pottervesrse Newspaper to focus entirely on DH and Post-DH related items.  So if have anything to contribute (icons, fanfiction, fanart, a new DH comm, a rpg, etc.) please send us an email with the link to your creation and we will put it in our next publication:  potterwatch.prophet@gmail.com  -  Thank you.

Subscribe now!  First issue due out August 11, 2007 - look for a mini issue to be posted this weekend if we get enough news.  We plan to start out as a weekly publication.

Note: Subscribe = add us to your friends list or 'watch' us.
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Happy Birthday to you... [ Monday
30 July 2007 8:56pm


[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday Neville!

 Picture made by Potterpuffs

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Info on James and Neville from the Bloomsbury Live Chat with JKR [ Monday
30 July 2007 11:54pm


[ mood | cheerful ]

Direct transcript (although some slight grammar editing) from Bloomsbury Live Chat with JK Rowling.

Courtney: What child did Harry give the Marauder's map to, if any?

J.K. Rowling: I've got a feeling he didn't give it to any of them, but that James sneaked it out of his father's desk one day.

Brian: Did the DA keep the coins?

J.K. Rowling: Naturally. They would be like badges or medals of honour - proof that the owner had been at the heart of the fight against Voldemort from the start! I like to imagine Neville showing his to his admiring pupils.

Unfortunately, that's the only mention of James and Neville I saw in the 40 minutes I participated in. Here's JK's farewell:

J.K. Rowling: We seem to have over-run. We've had over 120,000 questions, I've been told!
J.K. Rowling: What can I say? Thank you so much for sticking with me, and with Harry, for so long. You have made this an incredible journey for Harry's author.
J.K. Rowling: I'm very aware I haven't answered everything... keep an eye on my website, and I'll try and answer some more questions in due course!
J.K. Rowling: Thanks very much everybody, I've had a great time, and I hope I've covered some of the outstanding questions (I hear a distant roar of 'YOU DIDN'T GET TO MINE!')
J.K. Rowling: That's it... I'm Disapparating. Bye!

I asked two questions, but she didn't get up to them. =( I was hoping she'd confirm what houses the new generation were sorted into.

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Animated Icons Batch No. 1 [ Sunday
29 July 2007 9:05pm


[ mood | creative ]

Because I'm sadistic and couldn't stop making them.

There's only 3, so no teaserCollapse )

Lyrics from Infatuation and Can't Stop by Maroon 5.

Don't forget to credit!

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Icon Batch No. 2! [ Sunday
29 July 2007 6:38pm


[ mood | chipper ]


Love notes from NevilleCollapse )

Don't forget to credit!

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Icon Batch No. 1! [ Sunday
29 July 2007 6:14pm


[ mood | bouncy ]


Oh my Professor, what's that in your pants?Collapse )

Don't forget to credit if you take :)

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Who would you have play James?` [ Saturday
28 July 2007 8:05pm


[ mood | curious ]

I'd like to know who you think should play James in the 7th movie (or a slightly older version that would be hitting on his professor ^_~).

The reason I ask, is I would like to do a photo manip with Neville and the best looking James for a new header image :)

Personally, I quite like Lucas Grabeel:

Cut for an image :)Collapse )

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Hi all!!!! [ Saturday
28 July 2007 6:28pm


[ mood | crazy ]

Hi all!!!
My name is Lola and I mod 

the_ass_ship and I joined here cos we're affilliated and cos I can't wait for someone to write some cracktastic J/N fanfic!!!
I can't write, so we'll have to ignore that! :D
Anyway - I just thought I'd come say hi!


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Layout is up! [ Saturday
28 July 2007 4:48pm


[ mood | sick ]

^^ Please enjoy this fine crafted Gryffindor themed layout. I went with a Gryffindor theme as that's the house Neville was in and what we assume James is in (due to taunting Albus about Slytherin).

For some reason, the header image refuses to show up in Firefox T_T I makes me cry... but I've given up trying to get it working. If anyone can help me fix it, please let me know.

I'm 100% happy with the layout... I think perhaps the top is too text heavy. Please give feedback :)

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First Post! [ Friday
27 July 2007 10:30pm


[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi all. After reading this post over at the_ass_ship I decided I would appease to the crack and create the slash community for James Potter (son of Harry, not father) and Neville Longbottom.

So that James can give the professor love :)

Layout coming soon!!

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