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Art help!

Ok, so everyone agreed that Lucas Grabeel makes a sexy James in this thread here.

Now... I was going to try and make a photomanip, but after a couple of tries I have deduced that I have no artistic ability whatsoever.

So I was hoping some lovely talented person would make us a pretty banner for the top of the page with Older!Neville and Lucas!James. Pretty please? =D

If you do... I'll... give you a cookie T___T
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YAY! -gives you big cuddles- =D

Umm I'm not sure of what pic of Lucas to use. He has lighter hair in a lot I'm seen, so perhaps some recolouring is in order?

As for Older!Neville... someone suggested unshaven!Matt photos in the other thread. They posted one there... makes him look at lot older. At the time of the epilogue Harry, Neville and the others from their year would be 36... while James would be 12... so... if James is like 16... then yes, Neville would be 40. (Wow... age gap... XD)

Deleted comment

=O that's awesome! Can you make a separate post so the others can see it?

=D Can't wait to see the finished banner!